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Horsebox Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover for your Horsebox, horses and passengers for only £132.50

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of horseboxes can I insure with horsebox insurance?

We can insure horseboxes up to £250,000 registered to a postcode in England, Scotland or Wales (sorry, we are unable to insure in Northern Ireland) and used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes only.

What happens if I have an accident and it is not my fault?

Comprehensive insurance will cover you for damage to your own vehicle, damage to a third party vehicle, fire, theft, malicious damage and windscreen cover. We suggest you consider taking out legal protection cover because in the event of a non fault accident the policy will arrange for a replacement horsebox.

Are there any driver restrictions?

Yes, drivers who passed their test after January 1st 1997, will need to take a category C test in order to drive a horsebox weighing more than 3.5tonnes. Category C covers you to drive a horsebox up to 7.5 tonnes. Anything over this requires HGV training.

Ideally drivers should be over 21. However in some circumstances we may be able to insure younger drivers but you would need to contact us on 0845 2490052 to discuss in more detail.

What excesses will I need to pay?

The horsebox insurance policy excess starts from £100 for accidental damage and £75 for windscreens.

Do I need breakdown cover?

Statistics show that horseboxes in the UK can break down at least once a year*, resulting in significant cost.

Horsebox breakdown cover is an optional extra cost of £132.50 per year for horseboxes under 20years old. This will protect you and your horses making sure you all get home safely.

Homestart is also included as standard. If you are unable to start your horsebox from home (or where the horsebox is normally kept) or within one mile of your home, especially if has been standing still over the winter months, the insurance policy will cover you for the call out and labour charges needed to start your vehicle. If the vehicle cannot be repaired at the scene of the breakdown, the policy will pay the reasonable cost of taking it to the nearest available garage. You will need to pay for the parts if needed but the service will get you started for the first show of the season.


*Source OHTO May 2012