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Horsebox Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover for your Horsebox, horses and passengers for only £132.50

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Horsebox Breakdown Cover

Horsebox Breakdown Cover

If your horsebox breaks down, at the time will you receive;

  • Roadside assistance?
  • Emergency Travel or Accommodation?
  • A Message service to contact your friends or family?
  • A Recovery service taking care of vehicle, horses and up to 5 passengers?

Without Breakdown Cover you could be stranded for hours with distressed animals on busy motorways or dangerous country roads.

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Our Service

  • What happens to you and your horse if your horsebox breaks down, or if you have an accident and are unable to get home?
  • What happens if you need emergency veterinary assistance, miles away from home?
  • Who would arrange overnight accommodation for you and your horse if you suddenly needed it?

If the vehicle cannot be driven as a result of a breakdown, which occurs during the course of a journey and more than one mile from your home, we will provide the services shown on the schedule, as long as the appropriate premium has been paid. This also includes our homestart service.

Details of each service are shown below.

We will provide cover for any breakdown and any costs involved with the breakdown, which occur during the period of insurance and within the territorial limits.

Stand-Alone Breakdown Cover For £132.50 inc IPT* (for a horsebox under 20 years old)

If you already have Horsebox Insurance and would like to add breakdown cover please fill in the form below and we will contact you. Alternatively contact us on 01394 605100 to arrange cover…

‘Your duty in relation to the questions asked – In arranging your insurance both we and the Insurers will ask a number of questions which you are required to answer. Please take reasonable care to answer all the questions honestly, to the best of your knowledge and provide full answers and relevant details. If you do not answer the questions honestly or to the best of your knowledge then your policy may be cancelled or your claim rejected or not fully paid.

Where help text is provided in relation to a question please ensure that you read this fully to ensure the correct answer is provided.’

* Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) currently 12%

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